Project HeartFire

About Project HeartFire

Project HeartFire is a free platform that has been created to assist people with getting into a regular basic energy practice routine, as well as, build up a group energy to help each other and the world at large. This project is the result of inspiration K’awil received while he was on retreat in Nepal in 2017.

Initially all the members of the group repeated a specified number of a specific mantra daily and it proved to be so successful and beneficial for the individuals involved that this group is still in existence today. The value of being linked with a group of people that follow the same practice every day creates an amplifying effect, that make the results of the project exponentially stronger for each
person than what they would have achieved if practicing alone.

The group is free for anyone to join that would like to start a daily energy management practice but:

1. Does not know where to start,
2. Does not know what to do, or
3. Lack the discipline to follow a routine.

In Project HeartFire, the group will always be doing the same mantra of prayer for a short time every day. While the mantra or prayer will always be rooted in some known spiritual tradition, the practice selected for Project HeartFire is for the purpose of assisting with the cultivation of a basic meditation and energy practice. The intention of project HeartFire is not to convert any members or challenge their belief systems. Each person is free to decide if they are willing to participate in the group activity.

Instructions on how and how much to practice daily is provided. Once you have done your practice for the day, we hold each other accountable in a Telegram App Group by confirming to the group that it has been done.

You can do the practice at any time that suits you in the day, regardless of where you are and what time zone you live in.

Current practice

The group is currently practicing the Miracle Prayer. It is a very simple and effective prayer that can easily be learnt and practiced by anyone. While the prayer is in Hebrew, it is not based in any particular tradition and therefore available to anyone that wants to practice it.

This prayer has been selected because of the simplicity of the practice, accessibility to anyone and the profound and life changing impact it has had on people.

The teachings on this prayer and membership is free as a service to anyone willing to do the practice and as a service to the world at large. The only way to really even begin to understand the effect of this is to try it for a few weeks.

Click here for a short article with more information about the prayer:
There is also a book about it called the Genesis prayer, and even though it is written from a Jewish perspective it provides excellent content and ideas on the practice.

There is a lot of information about it online and you are welcome to do your own research as well. For us the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the results we have found over 12 months have been truly amazing.

Project HeartFire is our gift to you and the Miracle Prayer is a gift from the Divine to humanity. If you want to experience miracles in your life and an easy way to receive and share grace, this is for you. All you need to do is spend some time in practice consistently….

How to join Project HeartFire?

If you would like to join the group, please complete the following form.

    Once the form is complete, please do the following:

    (You will be loaded to the Telegram App within 2 working days)