Personal Energy Management Services

We help individuals seeking support with creating abundance, energy field cleansing and maintenance, energy protection and inspiration.

What is

PEMS is an acronym for Personal Energy Management Services. This is a service designed for individuals who are aware that their environment and their own energy affects their performance and achievements. With this awareness, the obvious responsibility to ensure that energy is managed effectively naturally follows.

Once people realise that their experiences in life are created through their own thoughts, decisions, actions and vibration, they often spend hours to figure out which practices and activities could assist them with better energy management and manifestation.

PEMS is a service that assists such individuals in basic energy management to support daily activities, contribute to daily practices and / or create a starting foundation to consciously focus on energy practices if this is something they have never done before.

As human beings we embody more than just our physical bodies. We also have emotional, etheric and mental bodies which makes up our energy body. Just like we bathe and shower regularly to keep our physical bodies clean, we need to keep our energy bodies clean as well.

Standard practices such as prayer, meditation, self-reflection, breathing, grounding and various ancient religious and spiritual rituals are designed to help cleanse and strengthen your energy body. Most people do not consciously focus on maintaining their energy bodies, yet those who do, experience multiple benefits from their dedication.

Every person has a morphic field, which is the energetic blueprint that your physical life forms around. As the ancient sages taught, everything is first created in the non-physical before it manifests in the physical. This highlights the importance of cleansing, strengthening and maintaining the quality of your non-physical energy bodies. Ultimately your vibrational frequency is impacted by the quality of your energy bodies and general levels of consciousness, which, in turn impacts the quality of the life experiences you have.

As we go through life, we are guided by our intuition and inner inspiration that provides impulses to act on certain thoughts, respond to certain opportunities and behave in certain ways. We always have free will to either listen to this guidance, or not. However, when we learn to tune into this guidance and respond to it, life flows much easier and we experience our desired results with less effort more often.

In essence there is what people can do, and what nature does. Nature generally flows effortlessly and in abundance. If you are in nature’s way, you block the natural flow of abundance. You become your own worst enemy, sabotage your own efforts and create unnecessary struggle. This mostly happens unconsciously and no-one is to blame for it. This has been the general experience of human beings for eons. However, the mystics, sages, shamans, gurus and wise men throughout history, have all spoken about and taught principles and practices to assist humans with creating a different, more abundant and enjoyable experience of life.

Perceiving and connecting to your inspiration and attracting the resources, tools, skills and people necessary to achieve your desired outcomes becomes very difficult if you have the following elements active in your vibration / energy bodies:

  • Stressed energy;
  • Blocked energy;
  • Cluttered energy;
  • High concentration of negative energies;
  • Lack of proper grounding,
  • Disconnected energy.

All of these issues restrict the natural flow of life and appear quite easily in our energy bodies. They are usually the result of daily stress, tension, negative thought patterns, unprocessed and painful or traumatic life experiences, strong and unhealthy emotions, environmental toxins, and unhealthy living and work spaces.

There are things that anyone can do to get out of nature’s way. These include activities and practices to:

  • Remove blockages caused by negative and stressed energy;
  • Improve grounding to stay connected and support healthy energy flow;
  • Charge your vibration to make it healthy and enthuse the Morphic field;
  • Strengthening your energy body to protect it from unnecessary hindrances;
  • Amplify and improve the communication between you and all the various energy fields around you.

In order to improve the vibration and quality of your energy, daily practises are required. Yet, in today’s busy world and on-the-go lifestyles, we are often so overwhelmed by multiple responsibilities, events and physical or online interactions that very few people cultivate strong daily practices. While PEMS cannot replace the necessary practices for deep inner work to create major shifts in your consciousness and evolution, it can assist with maintaining a reasonable level of healthy energy.

Although every person has to take personal responsibility for their own energy, growth and development, there are some general practices and activities that people can be assisted with. Imagine you have to swat mosquitoes and bugs all night instead of sleeping. How much energy will you have available during the day to act on your inspiration and execute your decisions and desires? What if you could have an assistant who will work through the night to manage the bugs in order for you to replenish your energy and wake-up refreshed, revitalised, calm, collected and more in tune to act on your inspiration? This is the service that PEMS provides. In essence, it is the same as having a distance energy healer working on you every day to assist in maintaining your basic human energy environment.

The creators of PEMS that provide these services have a combined of experience of over 60 years in the fields of energy healing, spiritual technology, shamanism, western traditions and eastern energy cultivation practices such as yoga and Qigong. Their experience and qualifications include:

  • 3 Lineages of South American Shamanism;
  • 3 Eastern lineages;
  • Qigong and Neigong;
  • Contemplative prayer;
  • Several meditation and healing modalities;
  • Countless courses and mentorships;
  • A lifetime of practice.

Biri Kate

Biri Kate has over 30 years’ experience in energy work, spiritual healing, individual and group therapy as well as teaching. Her studies and qualifications include Qigong., eastern philosophies, various energy healing modalities, Metaphysics, Reiki, human behaviour and transformation, epigenetics and a 3-year traditional Shaman apprenticeship in Peru. Over and above having qualified as a master shaman and metaphysician, she is an accredited practitioner of Spiral Dynamics and Enneagram coaching.

She is inspired by the exploration of the full capability of human potential and how it unfolds. The focus of her work is to assist individuals and groups to remove obstacles and create the life and spiritual conditions required to access their full potential and learn how to thrive.


From an early age, K’awil has been very passionate about all matters relating to spirituality, magic, self-cultivation and truth.  This lifetime of searching and exploring, has lead him to many teachers in both eastern and western systems of energy work all over the world. His learning experiences included training in ancients systems in retreats and monasteries as well as more conventional modern day modalities and practices.

In his early 20s he quit his job as a medic and dedicated his life to spiritual practices and study. Since then his only work has been guiding people and sharing wisdom while studying and focusing on his own practice. He grounds new ideas and research, with the essence of old, tried and tested systems.

Due to the demands on their time and services, K’awil and Biri Kate conceived of PEMS in the light of divine inspiration. They combined both their knowledge and experience in a powerful methodology that provides energy support to people on a very large scale.

Their methodology is based in solid spiritual principles and universal truth, and works in a unique and efficient way that is geared to assist with life challenges in modern culture. They consider PEMS a major culmination and evolution that can support many people in their process of transformation.

The PEMS system is a filtered, synchronised fusion of knowledge and experience in various practices, techniques, tools and methodologies into a single energy modality to manage the energy architecture effectively.

Combined, the creators of PEMS are proficient in a number of spiritual practices and techniques, which include:

  • Prayer, Meditation, Mantras and other daily practices;
  • Shamanic ceremonies and energy cleansing techniques;
  • Energy cultivation;
  • Diagnosis and clearing of energy issues and blockages;
  • Neuroscience techniques;
  • Metaphysics;
  • Quantum physics;
  • Energy architecture; and
  • Energy healing, alignment and balancing.

By becoming a member of the PEMS community, your energy imprint is included in the PEMS energy architecture landscape, which undergoes daily energy cleansing, protection and infusion. This will assist with creating the benefits of cleaning and building your individual energy bodies and supporting your morphic field.

PEMS also hosts a weekly online meditation to enable active participation by members. These meditations are focused on building the individual energy circuits, and actively cleaning and raising your own vibration. It also serves as a starting point to create a continuous energy practice required for healthy living to any members that do not have an existing practice.

Your standard membership fee includes all of the above. If you require more specific, specialised and individualised assistance, VIP packages and one-on-one therapies are available.

PEMS Services

PEMS provide the following basic energy services to members through remote energy and healing practices:


Daily energetic cleansing of clutter, debris and low vibrational collections of energy that gather in people’s energy fields due to their daily interactions with the world and emotional experiences.


General energy field protection to prevent low, dense energy attachments and unnecessary negative influences and impacts from the external environment.


Assisting with connecting your higher and lower vibrational energy circuits in such a way that you can function and manifest in the material world, while being connected to receive inspiration from the non-material world.

Clearing & Protection

Clearing and protection of from evil eyes, energetic and astral parasites and similar energy formations. Clearing and protection of energy blockages created by jealousy, envy, greed, and parasitic energy drainage.

Creating Clear Space

Once clutter and low vibrational energy is cleared from your energy field, there is space for your own healthy energy to flow. The results are that it would be easier for you to access your own inspiration and intuition, which plays a major role in guiding your life.

Weekly online meditation

Energy management and manifestation (participation is optional)

Kindly note that consciously working with your energy field through daily practices and the services of PEMS will most likely reorganize elements of your life in possibly unexpected ways. The impact of energy work is unpredictable and in the hands of the larger cosmic energies at work. PEMS and its employees cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen events occurring in PEMS member’s lives.

PEMS Packages

As part of the PEMS offering, members will receive daily energy work to clean, protect, boost and increase the flow of their energy in their physical, emotional and mental energy fields as well as with regards to any goals and abundance creation activities. The methods used in providing the services are based on scientifically proven methodologies and practices that are respectful of all cultures and spiritual belief systems.

Standard Membership


For individuals that require general, daily energy management support

VIP Membership


For individuals that require more intensive or specialized energy cleaning and protection over and above the daily, general energy management support. 

Private Assessment

$50 (60mins)

Private assessment consultation to determine the type and frequency of support required and structure an individualized support plan. All sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

Private Consultation

$100 (60mins)

Once the individual needs have been assessed and a support plan developed, additional Private Consultations may be scheduled for specific individual work. All sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

Financial Support Program

For those who feel a resonance with the PEMS program and wish for support in accessing the services.

Join our community

Over and above the daily energy work, we will also host a weekly online meditation session to provide an additional boost in energy. Apart from joining the weekly meditation session, if they choose to, there is no further specific activities required from members.  It is important to note that while energy management services are hugely beneficial, they are not a miracle solution or cure for more persistent or serious issues, and individuals should seek additional help or advice in such cases.